Hvordan udvikler vi demokratiet

The Five Star Movement has changed the political game in Italy – completely. The party has a different approach to politics with emphasis on the will of the people, climate change, fighting corruption all done with a refined sense of humour. In the 2013 election they gathered around 25 % of the electorate, and if an election was to be held tomorrow the current predictions are that the party would gather close to one third of every vote casted. We invited one of the party’s member of parlament, Mirko Busto, to  participate in a new video interview concept we call ‘The Green Chair’. In these interviews we ask our guest to tell us about their work and ambitions and how we, as the people, ourselves can influence politics through our actions. 

In the actions below, Mirko Busto suggests that we all can try and become inspired by the principles of permaculture. If you are interested you can find more information here