There are interesting people around you that practice and spread sustainability on the (inter)personal level. (Inter)personal sustainability can take endless forms: new educational methods; creating communities based on eco-thinking and exchange in diversity. Follow Iwona Rejmus journey towards a more holistic approach to human resources and more (Inter)personal sustainability.

One can nurture himself/herself not only with good quality food and bodywork, but also by being surrounded by aware, open people that have enough courage and “playfulness” express themselves as whole beings…and encourage others to do the same.

As complex, interdependent “ecosystems” we are all on a journey that is more about process – always in here and now – than about destinations. And you might experience it differently. And we might even get angry at how much our values and coolness do not match. But in the end of the day, we grow more from clashes than alikeness. As long as there is curiosity between us – also curiosity towards the potential of emotions we can trigger in one another.

Get curious, get involved, find you own unique way of making long-term good life for yourself and others. There is so much to share and exchange. You can start by MenneskebiblioteketOther-Story or Authentic Denmark for more inspiration.